Ecoutez vos murs

Vincent Coudanne

Experimental film | France | 16 mm | 1.37 | b&w/color | mono | 1985 | 52'  00"
160 €

Original language: Français Screening Copy: digital
Original music by J.J. Burnel and D. Greenfield (from The Stranglers) It is the poetic chronicle of a city: Paris. A city critique, but a good natured one (the declaration of intention is bloody : Cities are illegal slaughterhouses). The experimental reality of everyday life is explored with insight and humour through improbable dialogues between pigeons, statues, and even a tap and a washbowl! There is on the one hand, the individual at home, grappling with its walls (which are fully fledged characters in this film) and on the other hand, we see the outside world composed of the rhythms and colours of daily urban activities. A mixture of special effects, animation, features reworked into montage, and realism consolidates the fantastic, bizarre and ironic style of the film. M. Mazé


Director: Vincent Coudanne

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